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Sauharda Rai, PhD

Research Scientist

About Me

A tenured global mental health researcher, Sauharda works broadly across topics related to mental health stigma and health system strengthening, mental health and psychosocial impact of conflict and migration, and participatory approaches that involve people with lived experience of mental health conditions (PWLE) interventions. At the center, he leads the design and execution of projects that aim to develop anti-stigma interventions via participatory approaches and co-production methods among community and primary healthcare settings in Nepal and Uganda. At large, his continued research interests involve the effect of social phenomena and humanitarian contexts like war and disaster on mental health and mental health capacity building among low- and middle-income country institutions and researchers.

Sauharda Rai, PhD

Research Interests:

Stigma reduction; Effect of humanitarian crises on mental health in LMIC settings; Community-based participatory approaches

Center Projects:


Where I Work:

Nepal; Uganda; Ethiopia; South Africa; USA

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