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Mansurat Raji

Research Associate

About Me

Mansurat is a Development Specialist with a demonstrated expertise in the domains of Global Health Research, Program Design, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Health Systems Strengthening. Performs a spectrum of related technical tasks across projects. Also provide technical support and coordination across related projects, as well as liaising with stakeholders, and partners to maintain effective communication and project alignment.

Her research delves into the intersection of health disparities, humanitarian health, healthcare access and equity, and health systems, examining factors that influence healthcare outcomes and equity in diverse global contexts, particularly for vulnerable and underserved populations.

Mansurat Raji

Research Interests:

Health system strengthening in post-conflict/emergency settings, capacity development in low and middle income countries, and implementation of a competency-based approach to delivery of mental health services.

Center Projects:


Where I Work:

Nigeria, Hungary, South Sudan, Ukraine, Nepal, Colombia, Iraq, Peru, Kenya and Uganda

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