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Georgia Eleftheriou, PhD

Senior Research Associate

About Me

As an experienced Senior Research Associate, Georgia collaborates with individuals, organisations and community-based networks aiming to reduce the burden of mental disorders in low- and middle-income resource settings (LMICs) globally. Georgia works on projects developing and testing preventive interventions, training, and educating mental health practitioners and translating evidence-based tools with a special focus on population with limited resources.

Georgia’s work spans multiple disciplines, assessing the cultural appropriateness and validity of measures in a pilot trial of a prevention intervention for youth anxiety and depression in urban settings (Nepal, Colombia, and South Africa), using quantitative methods (focus groups, cognitive interviews) with multiple stakeholders from across the world and developing evidence-based, culturally sensitive manuals to support basic training (i.e., for health workers) for adolescents.

Georgia's research aims to better understand and improve adolescents’ mental health needs, developing culturally adaptable and clinically validated data collection tools, producing guidelines for cultural adaptation and data interpretation and conducting pilot evaluations of interventions that addresses poverty, mental health disorders (depression and anxiety), self-regulation among adolescents living in urban settings.

Georgia Eleftheriou, PhD

Research Interests:

Relationship between poverty and adolescent mental health conditions in urban settings

Center Projects:


Where I Work:

Nepal; South Africa; Belize; Kenya; Colombia; Greece

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