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Re-imagining quality mental health care for all, by all.

Center for Global Mental Health Equity

Across the world, access to quality mental health care should be a human right.

At the George Washington University Center for Global Mental Health Equity, we partner with communities to promote their existing resources and develop sustainable strategies for their unique needs.

By embracing the cultural richness of our partners, our research serves to better identify people in need, dismantle the fear and stigma that block access to care, and empower community members to be effective providers for each other.

What We Do

The George Washington University Center for Global Mental Health Equity is a cross-disciplinary research collective that examines the accessibility, efficacy, and scalability of mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) interventions in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) across the world. In partnership with 25+ countries, we leverage best-practice community-based participatory approaches to catalyze the implementation of culturally relevant resources- such as validated mental health assessment tools, monitoring and evaluation strategies, and task-sharing interventions- that actively address the mental health treatment gap in these under-resourced settings. With the end-user at the forefront of our work, we strive to make the vision of ‘mental health care for all, by all’ a global reality.


Areas of Research

  • Adaptation and validation of mental health tools and interventions

  • Evaluation of mental health provider competency

  • Reduction of mental health stigma

  • Integration of passive sensing technology into mental healthcare

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Capacity Building

  • Leading trainings regarding assessment of provider competency via the EQUIP platform worldwide

  • Implementing global mental health courses in LMIC settings

  • Facilitating networking and professional development opportunities for early-career LMIC researchers



  • Use of the EQUIP platform

  • Cultural adaptation and validation of mental health tools in LMIC settings

  • Integration of people with lived experience of mental illness (PWLE) in iterative development of mental health interventions

Recent Events

New Publication: Remote Delivery of Psychosocial Support

Learn more about the center's recent findings regarding practitioner perspectives on remote delivery of psychosocial support in the United States, Peru, and Nepal.

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